Chun Mei is currently in Yunnan, China. In September 2007, Chun Mei will be available in the San Francisco Bay Area providing the following services:

Expert circus school instructor
Trapeze, arial tissue, teeterboard, general acrobatics & gymnastics

Personal trainer
For body, health and wellness

For booking, job requests, or private instruction, please contact Chun Mei for availability and rates.




  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Knie Circus (Switzerland)
  • Flag Circus (China)
  • Andr√© Heller (Germany)
  • Ringling Brothers (USA)

Performances in over 20 Countries

USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Germany, UK, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Monaco, Denmark, Luxembourg, Japan, Czech Republic...


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