Major competitions and awards for Chun Mei's trapeze act, "A Chang She Ri".

Cirque du Demain Awards CeremonyCirque Du Demain 20th International Circus Festival of Tomorrow
President's Gold Medal
Paris, France
January 1997

Circus Festival in Monte Carlo23rd International Circus Festival in Monte Carlo
Silver Clown Award
Monte Carlo, Monaco
January 1999

Hungarian 1st International Circus Competition
Silver Metal
Budapest, Hungary
March 1996

5th Chinese National Circus Competition
Lion Gold Medal (Jing Shi Jia)
Dalian, China
October 2000


  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Royal Albert Hall
  • Knie Circus (Switzerland)
  • Flag Circus (China)
  • Andr√© Heller (Germany)
  • Ringling Brothers (USA)

Performances in over 20 Countries

USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Germany, UK, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Monaco, Denmark, Luxembourg, Japan, Czech Republic...

International Circus Competitions

  • Cirque du Demain - President's Gold
  • Monte Carlo - Silver Clown
  • Budapest - Silver
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